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I have mousey brown/dark blonde undyed hair – will the DIY Dip Dye go light blonde?
It should go a nice light blonde so long as you follow the instructions fully and keep it on for the recommended time. Follow with White Toner to take out the yellow tones and make it ashier.
Unless your red colour is a very faded ginger then you probably won’t be able to go white blonde first time, so settle for a ginger or golden blonde first before attempting again after five weeks when your roots are ready to be bleached.
I have been dying my hair red for a while and now I want to go blonde. Can I bleach it?
I have gingery light red hair. Can I bleach my hair?
Sometimes naturally red hair is very resilient and might not go a silver or white blonde. Warm, golden tones might tend to stick around, so maybe embrace that and use the Washed Up Orange or Awkward Peach colours after bleaching. This will probably also suit your skin tone better than an ashy or cool colour.

This depends on the strength of your hair and how much highlighting it has already had. If the highlights are very grown out and near the ends of your hair you should be okay to do it but might experience some damage to the tips. If so get a trim with your hairdresser to make it healthy again. You can try a test strand on the lightest piece of your hair and see how it reacts after 30 minutes. If it is very stretchy, then it will not be safe. We do not recommend the use of Total Bleach over hair that is very damaged from heat styling or chemicals.

Total Bleach over highlighted hair will result in hair that has multi-tones even after the use of White Toner because the natural hair will not go as white as the old highlighted hair.

I have highlights in my hair – is it safe to use Total Bleach to go white blonde?
Help! I used Blullini over my white bleached hair and it lasted two washes before going mint green! What do I do?

If you want to stay blue, just keep topping up the Blullini every other time you wash your hair. Try adding a drop of colour into your shampoo and conditioner to help maintain it.
If you don’t like it anymore, the green is going to stick around for a bit but you can help to neutralise it to a lavender tone by using Rose over the top or going full pink with The Big Pink which should cover the green.

I used Awkward Peach over my white bleached hair and it’s come out a very pink colour which I didn’t want. How do I fix this?
Your hair probably didn’t have enough warmth (golden tones) to it before putting the colour on. If it is very ashy, then the warm tones won’t show up. Try putting some Washed Out Orange over your hair to add some warmth and make it less pink.