Eco-conut Reusable Tool Kit



Reusable coconut shell bowl and tint brush to mix bleach or dye every time you colour your hair. 

You're nut going to believe this: 100% natural reclaimed coconut shell bowl (handmade in Vietnam) and long life tint brush. Perfect for mixing BLEACH LONDON SUPER COOL COLOURS, BLEACH and TONERS. Lightweight, durable and easy to wash.

As Bleach grows we want to take more responsibility for the products we manufacture. Reducing ocean waste and pollution by cutting down on single-use plastic utensils and packaging is just a first step. We know that people are more conscious than ever when it comes to sustainability so we hope you'll be excited to get on-board with ideas like this one.

This kit includes:

  • 100% coconut bowl
  • Tint brush

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