BYO Palette - Large

Customise your magnetic BYO Palette choosing your favourite colours from our range of Legal High Lights, Louder Powders, Metallics, Contours and Glitteratis. Only pick what you need so nothing goes to waste. Fit up to 9 pans in a small and 28 in a large.

Made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Introducing Live Tutorials – buy this bundle, and one of our expert stylists will teach you how to use it!

How to lighten the ends of your hair at home

The balayage look can be tackled alone with close attention to these steps. Or if you’re feeling a little nervous you can book a Live Tutorial with one of our Bleach Stylists to guide you through the process. The balayage technique is a bespoke look. You decide where the bleach is applied, so you’re in control of how subtle or bold you want it.

You’re doing this because...

You’re into the laid-back, low-maintenance sun-kissed, beachy grown-out highlights look. Why wouldn’t you be?

Who's it for?

Those who have existing hair dye in their hair that would be defined as: semi or permanent brown, red, or copper. The only people we would not recommend this to is those who already have bleach on the ends of their hair.

What to expect if you are...

Dark brunette: Golden bronze that adds warmth.
Medium brown: A caramel, honey hue.
Dark blonde: Creamy dimensions to brighten your look. 
Light blonde: Cool, ashy hues for a lighter, blended blonde.

Before you even think about it...

Be sensible - do a strand test - follow the instructions here